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BRIGADE ONE is a modern-day creative content agency. We help brands across industries - build audiences, increase awareness, and drive revenue growth through strategy-driven videos.

Who we are…

We are professional thinkers, makers, and doers. We produce visual brand stories that solve various business pain points and objectives for our clients. We work with forward-looking companies, startups, individuals, and organizations. We love to craft the stories that spotlight your unique products, services, causes, and values. We believe that engaging visual storytelling is the best method for brands to connect with their audience and a compelling narrative is still the most meaningful place to start. We are true partners who are fully invested in your success.

That's our brand in a nutshell. Now tell us about your business and how we can help make things happen for you.



It's really not about the video. It's about the idea and the purpose behind the video concept. This purpose-driven approach becomes our compass that powers everything - it enables us to design + leverage your B2B or B2C visual brand story in a more significant and memorable way. We are highly process oriented and start every project by getting to know our clients, their business, the language of their industries and most importantly, their audience.



From editing captivating videos to designing high-end motion graphics to crafting the perfect branded audio mix, our team is well-versed in all areas of the creative spectrum - allowing us to execute tailor-made solutions to your everyday digital content needs. We can manage à la carte request or provide a robust suite of services for businesses of all sizes and industries.



We filter your communication objectives and determine how to convey the value of your brand story best. Whether you're starting from square one or repurposing existing materials, we can help develop, edit, and tailor your messaging specifically for the audience you want to connect with - local, national or global.



A great video does nothing if it's not designed, executed and promoted correctly across digital channels. Whether a brand is evolving or new to the industry, we can help leverage their video marketing goals by defining and putting into action a content strategy game plan that contributes to their bottom line.



Our video shoots take many shapes and sizes for a wide range of partners and projects - whether it's an intimate single camera setting or large-scale production we have the know-how to execute engaging digital content that generates tangible results for our clients on any platform + every screen.



Sometimes your daily business hurdles require on-demand content solutions. With experience from both the agency & client side, we can integrate seamlessly into existing company workflows and get things done in the shortest possible time. From graphic animation deliverables to social media assets to online marketing clips you name it; we thrive on delivering quality work in a fast-paced deadline driven environment.



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